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разные интервью Алана Хайда с АйКона

отвечает на вопрос про отношения Эрика и Годрика

говорит, что он не видит там прямо уж совсем романтики, но говорит, что они семья, они заботятся друг о друге, а на этом моменте

он рассматривал вариант, не поцеловать ли ему Эрика))
надо было целовать, че!!

еще про Эрика и Годрика из другого интервью:
A member of the audience also asked Allan about what Eric and Godric had been doing during their many years together. It was probably meant to be an innocent question, but Allan's a quick study. He shot the audience member a mischievous look and then went on about how Eric and Godric would have done family things like go to fun fairs and share special meals together ... and then he paused dramatically and added, "And they would have done *other* things together as well," in a quite suggestive tone of voice.
и другие вещи они тоже делали :eyebrow: :eyebrow:

здесь он подробно рассказывает о роли Годрика, как это ему так ловко удалось))

из другого интервью Алана про Годрика
He is such a lovely and sweet boy. And when I say boy, I mean it! He didn't have a lot of questions at the beginning, so he just chatted. And he started out by talking about how he landed the Godric role. Apparently, Alan Ball had been searching far and wide for the right actor but hadn't found him. At some point, the search reached Denmark and Allan's manager called him (while he was skiing with friends and enjoying some Jagermeister) and encouraged him to send in an audition tape. Well, once Allan recovered from the Jagermeister, he did so. Several weeks later, while he was in "chemistry class" in his gymnasium (equivalent=high school in NAM), his manager called him to give him the good news -- the role was his! And work visas were being arranged. [Let's just say jaws dropped when he said "chemistry class". And bless him -- he obviously recognized that we were reacting rather strangely and he asked us, 'is it called chemistry?'. We all reassured him -- yes, it is. It was just the communal shock factor of how young he was when cast as Godric.]

On that note, he was probably 18/19 when he filmed his first Godric episode(as he's turning 21 in less than a month). *Huge* kudos to him for his performance; I've watched a *lot* of telly over the years, and his characterization of Godric and his interaction with the other characters was brilliant. He played a 2,000 year old vampire -- and did so *utterly* convincingly. When he was asked about his head space when he moved into that character, he fully acknowledged that he lacks the life experiences to draw on when it comes to loss and anguish and the span of Godric's life. So he did the best he could under the circumstances: he looked at how the elderly of this day and age respond -- with dignity and composure and calm and modelled himself on their actions. ::collective audience flail at this point -- how can this lad be so composed? And it kept going!:: He did go on a hilarious aside about legos; since he (fortunately) hasn't suffered much loss in his life to date, he said he imagined what it would feel like to lose his legos. ::cue mournful look from Allan:: "Oh, the months of grief!"

We heard marvellous stories about his adventures in LA (this was after he told his teachers that he had the opportunity to move to LA for this filming -- but it would mean that he wouldn't graduate. Although the teachers were formally required to say no, they all supported Allan's trip to LA).

And once he did arrive in LA, he was put up in a hotel for the duration of the filming. For Allan -- paradise. People who cleaned his room every night? Sorted out his laundry? Yes!!! And for the first time, he could spend his money the way he wanted to--no parents looking over his shoulder. Ergo, when he arrived, he emptied out the mini-bar (he was too young to drink in California) and filled the mini bar with Red Bulls and Cokes and candy and much other goodness! :D.

He talked a bit about filming True Blood and had high praise for everyone. He also mentioned a hilarious incident during the filming of the second season. We all recall the scene where Eric killed Talbot -- yes? Well, Allan apparently was contemplating asking one of his friends for half a Viagra and slipping it to Alexander before the scene. Allan's face was priceless as he imagined what Alexander's reaction would have been during the scene should the Viagra have been effective! ::naughty boy!::

факты про Алана
- He dropped out of school (gymnasiet = more or less the Scandinavian equivalent of high school) to do True Blood.
- Getting Godric's tattoos painted on took "a hell of a lot of time".
- He's not a huge star in Denmark. He's been working in theatre and done a couple of TV shows, for example a show called Album where he played a punk kid. He was in En forelskelse (literally 'a crush', international title Awakening), a short film about a 16-year-old who falls in love with his girlfriend's father. That film impressed European casting agents, who thought he'd be perfect for the role of Godric.
- He's done voiceovers. Apparently he voices Ron in the Danish version of Harry Potter. (If I got this bit right!)
- He's hired a dialect coach to get rid of his Danish accent and he's aiming for more American roles -- this probably means we'll be seeing him in American/international productions in the future!

здесь три больших куска (минут по 10-14 каждый) с ответами на разные вопросы фанатов.
Алан нереальная няха! Очень доброжелательно и оочень подробно отвечает на все вопросы



тут его спросили - питали ли они с Алексом друг друга)) в том смысле как они друг на друга влияли. Он сказал, что да-да, питали во всех смыслах этого слова)) сказал, что ему очень комфортно работать с Алексом, он классный, клевый и бла-бла)) и что они оба скандинавы и у них было много общих тем.



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