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There's layers of retardation that most people don't even know about
In an era where most major motion pictures have begin to shy away from onscreen nudity and sensual love-making sequences, Skarsgård jokes he had no problem baring it all forThe East. “I’m clearly quite comfortable with it, because I’m always naked on True Blood,” he says with a laugh. “Six years in and my clothes are usually off.” The Stockholm-born son of famed actor Stellan Skarsgård reinforced his lack of physical inhibitions in the recent Season Six finale of True Blood. His vampire character, former Norse Viking Eric Northman, appeared au natural as he burst into flames. “I really don’t have a problem if being naked is an essential part of any story,” he contends. “A lot of actors find doing sex scenes awkward, I don’t think they are. I really don’t think twice about taking off my clothes if it makes sense.”

Скарса спрашивают, какого вам было в "East" сниматься голышом, а он - да без проблем, я уже 6 лет шарахаюсь голым в тру блад и вообще не думаю дважды, прежде чем скинуть одежду

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